14 Best Birthday & Anniversary Emails

Anniversary emails are a great way to humanize your brand and in a simple way show your customers that you care. They have also been known to improve customer retention, boost brand loyalty, and increase repeat purchases.

We all love feeling appreciated, don't we? So when you show your customers some loyalty, they are likely to show it right back to you!

There are many ways you can mark a special occasion. For example, you can mark the anniversary of the client's first purchase, or the anniversary of the date of their subscription, or give them a little something for their birthday.

Plus, with everything being automatized, you don't even have to remember all of those dates!

Here are a few Birthday & Anniversary emails that you can use for inspiration.

1.Grammarly's Anniversary Email

Source: Grammarly

2.ASOS's Purchase Anniversary Email

Source: ASOS

3.Twitter's Anniversary Email

Source: Twitter

4.Fitbit's Brand Anniversary Email

Source: Fitbit

5.Talea Beer Co.'s Anniversary Email

Source: Talea Beer Co.

6.Playstation's Anniversary Email

Source: Playstation

7.Harley Davidson's Anniversary Email

Source: Harley Davidson

8.NAADM's Birthday Email

Source: NAADM

9.Hulu's Birthday Email

Source: Hulu

10.Bark Box's Birthday Email

Source: Bark Box

11.Chipotle's Birthday Email

Source: Chipotle

12.Nasty Gal's Birthday Email

Source: Nasty Gal

13.Sweetgreen's Birthday Email

Source: Sweetgreen

14.J.Crew's Birthday Email

Source: J.Crew
Ivona Djordjevic
Head of Operations @ The Better Creative
August 11, 2022

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