Meet the Team

Head of Operations
He's taking care of the clients, internal workflow, and day-to-day operations. Thanks to his enviable leadership and organizational skills, we're able to produce deliverables in no time and get stuff done.
Medior Designer
An architect gone designer, she's a creative force producing high-quality, innovative email visuals. When she's not busy wowing our clients, you'll find her talking about astrology.
Implementation Designer
She is an absolute believer in Pokémon Supremacy and part of the pollen allergy squad. 2 interesting facts about her: she has a twin sister and she's been a vegetarian for 12 years!


Implementation Designer

Another video game lover with exceptional design skills! When asked which her favorite video games are, she answered "Overwatch and Stardew Valley." Another thing she loves is spending time cooking and there isn't a single cuisine that she wouldn't try!

Implementation Designer
She is in love with art and design since she was a child. Loves spending time with close family, boyfriend, and friends. Passionate about techno music and would like to be a DJ someday as a hobby.


Implementation Designer

She changed her career path 3 times, from a pharmacist/med student to a bartender/cocktail-making person in Prague to a 3D animator/graphic designer in the past 5 years. She is a big animal and craft beer lover, with a bit of an "I do math in my spare time for fun" type of personality.

QA Team Leader
English major with a slight coffee addiction and a Harry Potter obsession. Hobbyist photographer and a cat mom who loves traveling and working remotely.


QA Specialist

He is a tech guy — loves to work and play around with tech stuff, PC, laptops, keyboards, mouses, routers, switches... Other than that, he's a big family guy, with a big focus on family and close friends.


QA Specialist

He loves playing and making video games, drinking beer with friends & talking about everything, writing fantasy stories, and creating fantasy maps/worlds.

And he absolutely loves cold weather!

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