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Minimalism vs. Maximalism?

Minimalism vs. Maximalism. But do we really need that “vs.”? Not everything is as clear as black and white and most definitely, not all email design trends are meant to be compared and contrasted.

Why do we say this? Because both of them have their own pros and cons! And also, because you can easily insert elements in your email design that reflect both trends as long as they convey the brand’s identity and style.

What is Minimalism?

Have you found yourself overloaded with tons of information every single day? No matter if it is at work or in our free time, our cognitive load is just getting bigger and bigger.

And receiving something that is easily digestible and which gives us some sense of familiarity and comfort can make a huge difference.

That’s where minimalism comes in. What does “less is more” mean?

It means leaving maximum impact by using minimum elements in your email design. Translated to email design terms, it means using:
  • high-quality images
  • minimal copy
  • clean layouts
  • neutral, monochromatic color palettes

What is Maximalism?

But what about stepping out of the comfort zone? Creating an email design that no one has created before or at least making yourself visible and different in the sea of competitors? Not being afraid to try new things and being YOU-nique can go a long way.

That’s when maximalism becomes your best friend.

Maximalism is an email design trend that encourages using:
  • complex layouts
  • bold typography and using more than one font
  • vibrant colors
  • multiple images
  • different textures

So Which Should You Pick?

It all comes down to your brand. The goal is that you create a design that is helping your brand clearly share the right message to the targeted audience.

Your email design should always follow your brand’s identity and online personality – it should be an extension to your website, not a separate entity.

However, let’s also not forget, that sometimes the right answer lies in the middle of these 2 “extremes”. The only way to find it out is by trying different approaches and seeing what works best for your brand and your customers.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up a little bit and use elements from both trends! Rules are meant to be broken! :)
Aleksandra Azmanova
Email Designer @ The Better Creative
In collaboration with Simona Gelova, Content Marketing Expert
July 8, 2022

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