Get 2 Free Email Designs with Each Referral

Each time you refer a friend to our services, you'll get 2 custom email designs to request, free of charge!

Oh, and they'll also get double the email designs they purchase on their first order — up to 6 free email designs!

How It Works

Share Our Contact Information with a Friend
Our name, email address, and website.
We'll Schedule a Call with Them
Let them know to specifically mention either your name or your brands name as a referral on the call.
We Agree on the Plan with Them
We want to agree on the number of emails we'll be doing and ideally on the timeframe.
Enjoy Free Emails
We'll immediately send you an email letting you know that 2 free email requests have been added to your account.

We're an Email Design Agency

  • We design emails tailored to your brand
  • We build emails in any ESP of your choice
  • We rigorously test emails using a combination of our own custom QA checklist + Email on Acid tools.

Every brand that works with us gets:
  • A team of 3+ designers working on your every single email
  • A team of QA Specialists to ensure your emails are perfect
  • A Project Manager to keep the production going smoothly

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