Email Design:
Structure vs. No Structure

They say a great template can set you up for success… but is it always like that?
Sure, by designing a master email template, you save a looot of time, and later, you can use that template to design hundreds (literally!) of emails.

But what about designing a non-structured layout? For some people, structure means doing things in a clear and organized way. But for others, the lack of it means freedom of restrictions and boundaries.
What is a structured email layout?
A structured email layout means having an order in which the elements should be arranged. It makes it clear to the reader what you expect them to do.
If you design an email template with all the necessary sections, you make your life waaay easier (and we really mean it!) by having the chance to re-use that template and adjust the sections to the campaign’s needs and themes.

This is a great option for creating fast and effective emails. You have the structure = you have everything you need!
What is a non-structured email layout?
Some brands have a specific style of branding and this type of layout can be a good fit for them. If you want your emails to focus more on the appeal and look of it, you can break from the usual email layout in order to show off the brand’s specific style.

And yeah, if you ask us, we are always open to playing with the design and going the extra mile as long as it really conveys the brand’s message and identity!

No matter which option you end up going with, we have some golden rules for you that you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that your content is easy to read
  • CTAs should always be clearly visible and should stand out
  • Your designs should be relevant to your copy and overall email theme
  • Treat your email as an extension to your website
  • Your emails should always be responsive
  • And most importantly: TEST, TEST, TEST!
Nina Piperski
Email Designer @ The Better Creative
In collaboration with Simona Gelova, Content Marketing Expert
July 8, 2022

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